The elves were also at a great loss, when the flood had taken their sacred homeland, the forest of Fëfalas. Forced to flee to the higher lands, the elves that day have never been the same. their flighty, friendly aloofness had turned to cold, bitter and jadedness for a period known to them as “Curufinwë Lossëhelin”, also known as the “great sadness”. Their forest had turned to stone under the seas of Thane, as well as their hearts.

The elves, lost with nature, had turned to the arcane as comfort, hoping to develop magics that could resurrect their forest and hopes to turn the world to what it once was. Though they would never achieve such a powerful magic, they had developed magical technologies that would be used to great effect. One such accomplishment was an arcane art known as “binding” which would be used to power their ships.

The elves just sought to be left alone in their grief, but the dwarves to the west rapidly advanced near their own lands with airships, and the elves felt forced to protect what land they had left. Not having the resources of the dwarves, the elves fought back using powerful magics which proved incredibly effective. To this day, there is no threat greater on the high seas than an elven ship with wizards in tow, as they are able to annihilate enemy ships with blast of magic.

With the elves generous lifespan, it was only fairly recently that those who remember the great disaster has perished, though there are very many who remember the time before airships had came into this world.

The elves remained quiet, even after the advent of airships. Though a new generation had grown accustomed to this flooded world, many seek to return to the “golden age”. The elves had united under the Federation of Amras, a council of eight archmages to bring unity to the lands they still hold. They hold the banner of the green forest as a reminder of what the elves continue to fight for. Controlling the isle to the south west, they defend their territory fiercely from the invading dwarves and humans. They have a close relationship with the gnome traders and the halfling explorers.


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