Before the great flood, the Dwarves of Thane were nothing more than an isolated race living deep in the mountains. Though some had surfaced, many were content with living in their strongholds. When the floods came, they found their mountain homes flooded and were forced to climb to the peaks to avoid drowning. The peaks soon became their homes, far higher than the earth they were used too. However, many compensated, and worked well with even more isolation.

However, the rocky terrain didn’t fare well for crops, and soon they were forced to build ships to set sail for trade, and though it was slow going for awhile, eventually the dwarves acclimated to their co-dependent lifestyle. With their sturdy ships, able to ride even on the toughest surf, many dwarves became some of the greatest merchants in Thane, not only supplying themselves, but others as well.

With the advent of the airship, the dwarven outlook had changed considerably. With the advantage of resources and wealth, the dwarves sought their independence and soon had secured several fertile islands for themselves using uncontested power. It was this that forced the elves to put all their focus on their own airship technology to combat the dwarves advance, which very successful. Since that period, the dwarves had been at odds with their longtime allies the elves.

All dwarves are united under the banner of the red mountains, the Kingdom of Randver, which control a strong of islands to the southeast. Dwarven ships are no longer used for the merchant society as they once were, but now focus on defending their own territory from attack. Dwarves have been developing advanced weaponry, including powerful cannons, explosive ammunition, and stronger, more efficient technology. Most dwarven islands are fortified with various siege towers.

The Dwarven Kingdom doesn’t like war, but sees the power grab as needed for the survival of it’s own kingdom for generations to come, thinking in the long term. They feel they can better manage the islands than any other, and will stubbornly and doggedly siege if victory can be grasp. They are slow for diplomacy and often refuse to compromise on their own ideals. They are at odds with the elves and humans, who are also seeking to take power, and are on friendly terms with the gnomes and halflings whom they see as no threat to their kingdom’s plans.


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